The Tea

Tech solutions for community building amongst today's college students

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What's the move? What's the haps? What's the Tea?

The Tea started when a residence hall director and a tech-savy resident assistant envisioned an online app that could reach students in a virtual way including virtual games, managing in-person events, 1-1 messaging, floor messaging, and deliver personalized campus resources.

With the onset of the COVID we realized the need to meet this new generation where they are is more important now than ever. Thus, The Tea was created to help residence life staff engage residents whether to enhance their RA training, event offering, the mobile app, or a combination of all three.


The Tea

Support Group
Female Developers

The App

Virtual programming, in-person event management, community chat, and academic help in one mobile app.

The Training

Staff selection, onboarding, reminders, and manuals on an online platform.

The Library

RA staff can view programs and instructions for implementation- by RAs, for RAs